Tuesday, January 13, 2009

.....you gotta put me on?


Not one to usually want to be a part of the hype, ii had 2 c wut all tha jazz was about. Tres interesting idea tho, i must say. Being as i write to myself all day, ii find that i will quite enjoy rambling for the benefit of entertaing others during moments of boredom. Morgy put me down with tha dipset..so0 i'm tryna get my lips wet... hmmm..lets c...

"I write, 'cause im not the bodytype to fist fight"
-Georgy Watsky
I started writing because i wanted to do everything my brianna (22yroldme) did.. and now, i can't stop. But it can honestly b said, like much in my life, that influence led me to something that i truley have grown to love. I'm working on my 2nd book, entitled "She"... the first was a hobbie that i became obessesed with during my 10th and 11 grade years in high school... lord knows when i'll get off my ass and read through the wrinkled legal pad pages that make up "Pitch Black Confessions".... Maybe an exerpt is in order??? Maybe later?? (Way lateR)...

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