Sunday, January 18, 2009

...spit yo game talk yo ish

sO0 me and tha crew went to go c Notorious las night... & i gotta say, ummm.. o0h i aint like it as much as i thought i would've... :(
Hip hop is too near and dear to my heart to b played out like i was n that movie... Like how much stuff was left out?! Not to mention tha casting was border line horrible...Dnt get me wrong, dude that played biggie did his thizzang as did Derek Luke (to the extent of being border line satirical) and tha chick that played faith wasn't bad either.
*sidebar*if Faith, in real life, whooped that chicks ass like chick did n tha movie, she's my new hero!

But n e way, there was so0 much shit missing. In my opinion, if there was too much stuff in his life to fit in one movie, make a trilogy. Like could u imagine how much money that would've grossed?! First half would've been like his life up to Juicy, then the next half would've been from Juicy till he died. DOPE IDEA NICC!!! THANX! Lil dude that played Lil Cease, same dude that played young 50 cent in Get Rich or Die Trying wasn't the best choice either. And dnt get me started on the guy that played Tupac... like y him? Out of all tha black actors out in this world... Y this guy?! Biggie was watching and idk if he thinks it was done right either. I'm thinking it wasn't completed correctly cause Diddy was just itching to make some more money off of Biggie. Maybe now, he'll let the "late great veteran live"(-Nas) All I can say is.... I AINT LIKE IT! GIVE MY BOYFRIEND HIS 9 BUCKS BACK SEAN "PUFFY" COMBS!!!!

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