Tuesday, January 20, 2009

....goodmornin, on this day we become legendary


Vacay in Baltimore this weekend wasn't bad.. Got the wig cut....

U liiikkkkeee???

Not to mention i hung with tha crew, minus a few... Most of the time was
split btwn family and my boyfriend of course. Some interesting things transpired..(noneOFurBIZZNASS) :) O0h and i learned that signs exist! Somethings just aren't meant to be. No matter the pressure placed upon them, the scrutiny u face for not conforming, or the desire to experiment...somethings just aren't in the plans as of when you want them to be. Sometimes i get so0 caught up in the rapture, i forget to remember who i want to be. I think thats what happened, and I think GOD made things pan out the way they did because he obviously knows me better than i do. Understandable.I've come back with a new look on certian things. While driving home, there was a point where i just turned down the music and let my thoughts consume the portion of my brain that wasn't focused on driving. :) I've concluded that it is impossible to know who i'll end up being... All i can do is try to effect the outcome best as i can... So far, i'm pleased but i must say, as much as i'd rather not admit it, other people's opinions have molded me far too much! So0 i'm gonna live and let GOD and hope that te outcome is acceptable. FUCK SOCIETY, Taryn lives for Taryn.


Today, President Elect Barak Obama offically becomes president with the conclusion of the inauguration!!!!!!

I honestly believe he's the best man for the job, and not just because i'm black (geesh)!!!



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