Saturday, April 4, 2009


there's so much stuff that people do to feel accepted. they change themselves, alter themselves to fit into society. there are a great few who feel like they're different... like the shit they do makes them different, when in fact it makes them the same as all the other "non-comformist". Point Proven. But reguardless of the reason, i believe there is hardly gratification in this shitty society we live in. people play sports to be gods among ants, but in retrospect, if they get hurt, they can either be classified as just another ant of just another injured ex-sports star. children take on crafts to make their parents proud, but what happens wen they fail or when they no longer wanna be a part of the craft they've perfected.

But it's ok, i now have the answer. We all need to do positive things to help the world around us. Things like volunteering, helping the natural earth, helping the church, helping humanity and animals... Those things are the only things that could actually lead to gratification. There is nothing material or monteary that could lead to someone being completely accepted by those around them. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! Society is nothing but a compilation of complete assholes. So0 all you "non-conformists" who think they have no need for the world to accept them, they're complete liars. But to fullfill that need that they don't want anyone to know they have, it's always an option. So take heed to the shit i spelled out above, and think on it.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

...i'm a DICK/ im a-dict-ted to0o you!

So0 work isn't really work round these parts...
Moreover, I do nothing more than sit behind a computer and day dream. Oh, and of course I aide the internet-illiterate. AND I LOVE IT! However, i have become mildly addicted to a couple shizzows... Dare I say, it makes me feel a bit more connected to the normal world? And the list goes a lil' sumn like thiiisss:

  • Lost
  • 30 Rock
  • Gossip Girl
  • ER
  • 90210 (bluffin ass show!)
  • The Office
  • ANTM (i kno, so0o0o sad)
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Veronica Mars

&& I'm almost positive the list shall grow in the near future...