Wednesday, November 11, 2009

...u can hate me but why knock my hustle?!

What The FUCK is life?!

And how do u maintain it?!

Such it is tho, i'm alive. Tis a blessing to see another day. I forgot why i blogg(ed) for a while but i'm back to drop my mental woe's onto this empty forum. The struggle to be forever greateful gets harder and harder with the dawn of every fresh morning. And it's hard to be greatful for the shit u got when it's only shit u got. But i am alive, so i am blessed. ((Lunacy to put shit&blessed in adjacent sentences)) I wish i could stay the person i am when i'm on my bullshit. But once and a while, i have to have some sort of emotion and thus, i am in the mess i am in now. They say we are confusing... but i am honest, and frank, and tactful, and truthful. If u can't accept my words, suck that shit up and get over urself. Eat'm cuz it's nurishing to learn about urself, and others. Not to mention i'm a pretty cool person. How can u like me so much and not want to be with me? Sorry if she hurt ur feelings, but me and her got two different sets of parents, different names, different families, not to mention i'm sure we live in two completely different realities cuz i'm so out of this fucking world i'm pretty sure she's not even n my universe. Not to mention, I AM NOT HER. And IT'S NOT OKAY. I don't have feelings like everyone else. I don't exude love, or compassion, nor do i give a fuck about most of everything. So u should take it as compliment that i gave a fuck about how ur day was, or how ur feeling or whats wrong. But whatever. Such is life.  And i'm back on my bullshit. I think i like myself better when i'm n my shell....Luckily i'm a ninja turtle ;-)

N Other News:
In the spirit of the up-an-comming holidays, i've decided to show a bit of compassion. First, I will allow these swagger jacking BITCHES to go on tryna live like me. I' pretty sure they won't go far but whatev. Also, i've decided to give some of these  "artists" a chance....So good luck to:
-Nikki Minaj