Saturday, January 24, 2009


Jesus is back and he has made some of the dope.est shoes i have ever laid eyes on....


God Bless You Balenciaga!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

....ralph lauren was borin b4 i wore'em

fashion has the power to change ur life i f u let it...

Bags that i have birthed....

oO0O0H how i luv sunglasses...comming so0n.

....goodmornin, on this day we become legendary


Vacay in Baltimore this weekend wasn't bad.. Got the wig cut....

U liiikkkkeee???

Not to mention i hung with tha crew, minus a few... Most of the time was
split btwn family and my boyfriend of course. Some interesting things transpired..(noneOFurBIZZNASS) :) O0h and i learned that signs exist! Somethings just aren't meant to be. No matter the pressure placed upon them, the scrutiny u face for not conforming, or the desire to experiment...somethings just aren't in the plans as of when you want them to be. Sometimes i get so0 caught up in the rapture, i forget to remember who i want to be. I think thats what happened, and I think GOD made things pan out the way they did because he obviously knows me better than i do. Understandable.I've come back with a new look on certian things. While driving home, there was a point where i just turned down the music and let my thoughts consume the portion of my brain that wasn't focused on driving. :) I've concluded that it is impossible to know who i'll end up being... All i can do is try to effect the outcome best as i can... So far, i'm pleased but i must say, as much as i'd rather not admit it, other people's opinions have molded me far too much! So0 i'm gonna live and let GOD and hope that te outcome is acceptable. FUCK SOCIETY, Taryn lives for Taryn.


Today, President Elect Barak Obama offically becomes president with the conclusion of the inauguration!!!!!!

I honestly believe he's the best man for the job, and not just because i'm black (geesh)!!!



Sunday, January 18, 2009

...spit yo game talk yo ish

sO0 me and tha crew went to go c Notorious las night... & i gotta say, ummm.. o0h i aint like it as much as i thought i would've... :(
Hip hop is too near and dear to my heart to b played out like i was n that movie... Like how much stuff was left out?! Not to mention tha casting was border line horrible...Dnt get me wrong, dude that played biggie did his thizzang as did Derek Luke (to the extent of being border line satirical) and tha chick that played faith wasn't bad either.
*sidebar*if Faith, in real life, whooped that chicks ass like chick did n tha movie, she's my new hero!

But n e way, there was so0 much shit missing. In my opinion, if there was too much stuff in his life to fit in one movie, make a trilogy. Like could u imagine how much money that would've grossed?! First half would've been like his life up to Juicy, then the next half would've been from Juicy till he died. DOPE IDEA NICC!!! THANX! Lil dude that played Lil Cease, same dude that played young 50 cent in Get Rich or Die Trying wasn't the best choice either. And dnt get me started on the guy that played Tupac... like y him? Out of all tha black actors out in this world... Y this guy?! Biggie was watching and idk if he thinks it was done right either. I'm thinking it wasn't completed correctly cause Diddy was just itching to make some more money off of Biggie. Maybe now, he'll let the "late great veteran live"(-Nas) All I can say is.... I AINT LIKE IT! GIVE MY BOYFRIEND HIS 9 BUCKS BACK SEAN "PUFFY" COMBS!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

....can u feel it? thas wut i got asked

They're all the same... yea, this one's different... but by how much?

YES he has a job but is it a dependable one?? NO!. Like tha damn man got his foot on my baby neck, (and by the man i mean tmobile), and it's fuckin with our communication... IM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT! can't u tell? It's going on three days that we haven't spoke. There was supposed to be sunlight at the end of the tunnel today, but clearly, like I'm so0 use to by now, my sunlight has foiled into a let down :( or, for lack of a better word bullshit. Is it me???? Like, who's fault is it that there are always issues and obstacles in my relationships that are almost identical the the previous? Or do all guys simply have the same issues?

I'm keeping my man..he's the best one i got..he's tha only one i got...shit, i jus hope i still got'em.... :-/

..u can get wit this, or u can get wit that!

Dear Lord, ii need a haircut :/

I am of the African American persuasion && thus, i can't just let anyone do the doo..ya digg??

So0o0 i gotta go allll tha way bakk home to BALTIMORE(whoootwhooot) to get a snip...suUuckkkyyyy! Not to mention it's inauguration, so0 it aint lookin promising... i look like a hobo with all this hair!...wut? dnt believe me???

&& it dnt get no betta...

So0o0o move over MR.OBAMA!!! (if that is ur real name!) cuz Taryn's commin to town too...well more like thru town cuz im not goin to DC...BUT U GET MY DRIFT! My 1 o'clock appt on saturday can't come soon enuf!!!


wTf is a bird walk??? yes, i am late...but i have finally seen the video. i can't express how tired i am of seeing shit like "yah trick yah" or that damn voice thing that tpain uses! like it aint for everyone... there's one way to fix this detrimental error...IM WRITIN A LETTER! It'll probably sound a bit like this:

Dear Mrs.Hip Hop,

I understand that you're getting up there in age, no offense,
but that's no reason for you to turn your back on your true fans. Remember when
you left Common?? He was heart broken, yet your influence led to one of his
greatest songs ever! But now, now ur allowing little money hungry countrykids
like souljah boy, super producers turned horrible rappers like swizz beats and
incapable bamas like.....

Okay, that's all i got now...i see it shaping up to be promising though! HECK

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 gotta put me on?


Not one to usually want to be a part of the hype, ii had 2 c wut all tha jazz was about. Tres interesting idea tho, i must say. Being as i write to myself all day, ii find that i will quite enjoy rambling for the benefit of entertaing others during moments of boredom. Morgy put me down with tha dipset..so0 i'm tryna get my lips wet... hmmm..lets c...

"I write, 'cause im not the bodytype to fist fight"
-Georgy Watsky
I started writing because i wanted to do everything my brianna (22yroldme) did.. and now, i can't stop. But it can honestly b said, like much in my life, that influence led me to something that i truley have grown to love. I'm working on my 2nd book, entitled "She"... the first was a hobbie that i became obessesed with during my 10th and 11 grade years in high school... lord knows when i'll get off my ass and read through the wrinkled legal pad pages that make up "Pitch Black Confessions".... Maybe an exerpt is in order??? Maybe later?? (Way lateR)...