Wednesday, January 14, 2009

..u can get wit this, or u can get wit that!

Dear Lord, ii need a haircut :/

I am of the African American persuasion && thus, i can't just let anyone do the doo..ya digg??

So0o0 i gotta go allll tha way bakk home to BALTIMORE(whoootwhooot) to get a snip...suUuckkkyyyy! Not to mention it's inauguration, so0 it aint lookin promising... i look like a hobo with all this hair!...wut? dnt believe me???

&& it dnt get no betta...

So0o0o move over MR.OBAMA!!! (if that is ur real name!) cuz Taryn's commin to town too...well more like thru town cuz im not goin to DC...BUT U GET MY DRIFT! My 1 o'clock appt on saturday can't come soon enuf!!!


wTf is a bird walk??? yes, i am late...but i have finally seen the video. i can't express how tired i am of seeing shit like "yah trick yah" or that damn voice thing that tpain uses! like it aint for everyone... there's one way to fix this detrimental error...IM WRITIN A LETTER! It'll probably sound a bit like this:

Dear Mrs.Hip Hop,

I understand that you're getting up there in age, no offense,
but that's no reason for you to turn your back on your true fans. Remember when
you left Common?? He was heart broken, yet your influence led to one of his
greatest songs ever! But now, now ur allowing little money hungry countrykids
like souljah boy, super producers turned horrible rappers like swizz beats and
incapable bamas like.....

Okay, that's all i got now...i see it shaping up to be promising though! HECK

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