Wednesday, January 14, 2009

....can u feel it? thas wut i got asked

They're all the same... yea, this one's different... but by how much?

YES he has a job but is it a dependable one?? NO!. Like tha damn man got his foot on my baby neck, (and by the man i mean tmobile), and it's fuckin with our communication... IM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT! can't u tell? It's going on three days that we haven't spoke. There was supposed to be sunlight at the end of the tunnel today, but clearly, like I'm so0 use to by now, my sunlight has foiled into a let down :( or, for lack of a better word bullshit. Is it me???? Like, who's fault is it that there are always issues and obstacles in my relationships that are almost identical the the previous? Or do all guys simply have the same issues?

I'm keeping my man..he's the best one i got..he's tha only one i got...shit, i jus hope i still got'em.... :-/

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