Wednesday, June 10, 2009

...put the pen to the pad, open up the window and let god in...

So0 how about we never tell her that ii wrote this... But here goes...

Titled: Sibling

I am a revolution
For Brianna’s sake
I am her fight
Simply because I can be
I am her fingers
On keyboard keys
Her blue ink on white pages
Of marble notebooks
And leather bound journals
I am her countless computer folders
Filled with what I’d like to call poetry
I am her voice
Standing in front of mics
And faces
And echoing along walls
Protruding through doorways
Squeezing between cracks in the glass
I am her imagery
And I am her vocabulary
Encompassing more than the public school system offers
Because she likes the challenge
I am her heart
Beating for shit like this
Rhythmically throbbing for moments like this one
Moments of pure expression
With no censors
No question of talent
No answer needed
I am her eye sight
And now though declining ability
My embodiment makes it 20-20
Able to see the mental gems land
On all the un-expecting necks
Creating the only jewelry she deems worth while
And fascinating
With the colors of Africa draped on my shoulders
Stones of ebony worn on my chest like merit badges
Neo-soul and jazz breaths make difference
Yet, humor makes same
I am her sister
And she is my hero
And she is beautiful
Like earth angel
Barefoot on the greenest and warmest earth
Simply walking on classics
Like Donny’s “Someday we’ll All Be Free”
Or his Amel’s “Make Me Whole”
Or when India said “oh god, give me the courage to live with an open heart”
Cause she gives me the courage to live
And let live
And be alive with all that I do
And be me when I am alive with all I do
And do what I choose
Never allowing anyone other than god to dictate my decisions
Ever knowing that I can do for myself better than anyone else
But lord knows she’s done for me more than she knows
And she’s made myself what you see before you
Shaping it by simply living
Her life has taught me so much about mine
And how I should live it
And there is no thank you equivalent
So I’ll save it
For when u really need it
Or for when I really need to say it
Cause the only promise in this life
Is the fact that it will end
But above all that I’m happy that I met you
Happy that I’ve grown with you
And will grow with you
And I’m happy that you are who you’ve become
Because it gives me a guideline to live by
Someone to look up to
And something to aspire to be
You are all that I am
And I will be all that you want
In a little sister.

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