Tuesday, June 23, 2009

... 18 Years Young (Part V)

"So where we going?" Lydia was surprisingly comfortable around Daryl. Her comfort had even thrown her for a bit of a loop. But once you throw up all over a mans tires for a while, you tend to have no veil.

"Now if I told you, wouldn't that ruin the surprise?" She had to admit, he was smooth. But she was used to his type; Lydia had tricks up her sleeve that no one could guess by looking at her. She was better at playing those sort of head games than anyone. When she would sat back and think, she figured it was a waste that such a female like herself wouldn't live longer to share her knowledge with the world. With Daryl though, she figured she'd just be herself; it was seemingly easier to cut his game with honesty than to try to melt it with her own. Giving him the once over, Lydia noted his not-too-baggy jeans and crisp black polo with the teal horse that went with his black, teal, white and yellow dunks. She giggled to herself a bit that sort of matched. "What's funny?"
"Nothing, it's just that we match."
"Yeah, I peeped that when I saw you. Great minds..."
"Well at least one of us have one. Okay lets see, sneakers jeans and a polo...Am I over-dressed?"
"Nah, now that I see what you have on, I think I'm under-dressed. But it's cool, I figured I wouldn't be able to compete with your beauty." Was that genuine? Or was he just trying to game her again. She would soon find out. They pulled up to a well-known seafood restaurant that was known for it's prestige and it's serious attitude towards reservations. Lydia had never been, and in all honesty she wasn't the ritzy-restaurant type. Though her outfit spoke on the contrary. She just sat in slight awe at the luxury of what the night would soon become. She was impressed when they were seated immediately following Daryl giving the waiter his name. Lydia never knew that Daryl was short for Darylic Esseck. She thought it was a cool name, but why would someones parents name their child what could be sound-wise equivalent to a word synonyms with outcast? Once seated, they both ordered water and settled, sparked conversation.
"So Darylic huh? I never knew. Where'd that name come from?"
He smiled, knowing that the looming question was bound to be asked. "Both of my parents were orphans. They actually met each other in the foster system. Once they made it out and made something of themselves, they got married and had me. My mother said she named me Darylic as a reminder of where she was and where she is." There was no hiding the confusion on Lydia's face. "Like, they're not ashamed of where they came from because they came so far. So instead of naming me something that would ultimately be completely null and void to where they came from, they saw me as a representation of all that they've succeeded. I represented the fact that two family-less kids grew up to be a doctor and an entrepreneur. I am the result of abandonment. I represent derelicts." She had to give it to the kid. He was more than she figured he would be, and that wasn't simply taking him for face-value. Moreover, it was like taking him for what his reputation preceeded him to be. But there was more than met the eye with him. She liked the fact that he was seemingly more than surface.
"Deep stuff my brother. I would've never guessed."
"Well, that's not something you could guess. But I figure you assumed that I wasn't like I am. But I'm human, I have layers. Ya know?" She knew, trust if there was anyone of the surface of this earth who understood the power of understanding someone, it was Lydia.
"Well, I'm happy that I've taken the opportunity to get to know you." She smiled, genuinely.
"Me too. That night, in the car, something you said stuck with me." Lydia blushed slightly at the memories from that night. How she'd revealed her deepest secret to her entire graduating class, and then vomited her life away on the most popular boy in school's tires. He noticed and gently brushed her cheek with his fingers. "Nah, not that part. I remember you saying something along the lines of," he imitated her voice, "All you care about is you and yo rep." Lydia couldn't help but laugh. She didn't remember what she said verbatim, but she had an inkling that she went in on the poor boy. " I actually called and texted some of the girls I've messed with and some of my homeboys to get perspective. I wanted to see what they saw me as. And I got no real responses. I mean, I got a lot of 'you da'man' and 'you know you my favorites', but the stuff they said held no candle to your drunken tirade. I couldn't figure out why I had turned out like this, but I'm glad you agreed to let me take you out. And I am honored to be in the presence of such a real individual." He placed his hands on the table and over hers. Daryl was submitting himself to Lydia and she was eating it up. She couldn't help but to. His words were so genuine and true, it was almost like he was naked in front of her. "I am really lucky." They both shared a smile. Lydia blushed hard this time and her eyes darted towards the floor. He used his index finger to lift her face so their eyes could meet. "So, tell me something that I don't know."
"Something like what?"
"Girl, I border-line bared my soul. You gotta give me something."
"Okay, okay. I'm seventeen, eighteen next month. I'm spanish, black and white. I have a older brother named Salias, no pops, and my mom. I love dogs, music, and the color green. I was about to get my license before I was diagnosed, but I figured there was no point. And I guess you know about the dying thing."
"Yeah, but why let it stop you?"
"What do you mean?" She knew exactly what he meant. It was the same stuff her mother said on a daily basis. But what was the point? Why become invested in a life that only has months left on it's meter. Daryl just lifted one eyebrow. He knew that she knew what he meant. She contemplated telling him everything that she just thought, but instead she opted for a simply "I don't know. It's conplicated"
"If you don't mind me asking..."
"It's a long name that I'd rather not memorize. But basically I was born with a defective heart. It's simply slowing down until it stops. The doctors estimated that in six months, it'll be at the end of it's rope in a sense, and it'll stop. That's basically it."
"Where you a normal kid?"
"Define normal..." She smiled. "Yeah, for the most part. Wasn't really active because of what they thought was asthma. So guess without alot of physical activity, it went undetected."
"So what's next?"
"Well, about a month in a half they'll put in a sort of pace maker. Then in about three months, I'll be basically stuck in the house on bed rest. In five months I'll be in the hospital, and on the six month...well...I guess I die." Once again, Lydia looked at the floor. She had never explained what'll happen to one of her peers before. It was both liberating a painful. Daryl held her hands tighter.
"Hey, I didn't mean to get all heavy. Damn curiosity ya know? You want to order?"
"Yeah sure." She looks up to the most sincere pair of eyes she had ever seen. She was now naked too. When she looked up, it was almost like she was a new person sitting in front of an even newer person. This was a level she had never been to before. They ordered their prospective meals and continued conversation. They laughed so hard, Lydia was actually scared they'd be kicked out the seemingly snooty establishment. After eating, the duo left to walk along the sidewalks of the bustling, night-time hangouts. The only times their hands were indepentant was when they were eating. Other than that, it would seem they were glued together.
"So what happens now? Lydia got serious.
"What do you mean? You wanna go home?" Daryl hadn't really caught on to the change in tone quite yet.
"No idiot, I mean what happens now with us? I don't think you wanna get mixed up with me."
"Mixed up with you?"
"I've pushed people away for a reason. You do realize that I have no future."
Daryl had had enough. "Ugghh. I can't take this anymore. Lyd, look up. Are there any clouds in the sky?" She shakes her head no. "Is it raining?" She repeats her previous action. "I didn't think so. So why do you insist on raining on our night. I knew about your situation before I asked you out. For you to use that as a crutch is fucking confusing to me. If I only had six months to live, I would live them to the fullest."
"Okay but you don't! You have the rest of your fucking life to grow and become an adult! I'm gonna die a fucking teenager!" Lydia was yelling and crying. Tonight was going downhill fast.
"I understand that Lyd, I do." He held her by her shoulders and looked at her red, puffy eyes. "But this pessimism aint you. Your right I can't put myself in your shoes, and my bad for speaking as if i could. But I just want you to realize that you are far too beautiful to try and live in the dark, alone. I'm just tryna be here with you and for you."

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