Tuesday, June 2, 2009

....Mic Check

I think i should be a author...

I got the talent... not to mention the vivid imagination and the fast fingers... I'm gonna buy a typewriter. I wanna be authentic. But can't u just imagine checking my swag??? It's raining and dark outside, mid-day, and I'm sitting in front of my type writer banging out the pages of a urban classic.

Nah, make that urbane, cuz i'm just not that urban. Or am I? 10th grade I started writing this random book about this girl who got attacked in a weird way (which will not be disclosed should I ever decide to actually publish it) and re-reading it now, it was a bit juvinile...So I started writing another one. AND IT'S DOPE!!! ((If I do say so myself.)) But, like my short stories I posted on her, I have so many ideas. And I love writing them down and expanding on them? So maybe i'll be a writer/author. I'll be a web-desiging author...and I'll design my own web page to sell my books on ;-) Wanna visit it?

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