Wednesday, June 17, 2009

...18 Years Young (part IV)

All of the days seemed to blur. One day wasn't existentially different from the next. The rest of that day, as well as the next, blew by like it was itching to be a memory. It was now wednesday, which meant it was the middle of the week. Lydia hadn't spoken to Darryl, or anyone for that matter since the night of the party. The most she had really done was reply to the texts asking whether or not she had made it home safely. She had 2 unanswered messages from him. One simply saying good morning and the other concerning what was partially plagueing her mind at the moment beyond the obvious issue. She knew deep down inside that she really wanted to go out with him, but this wasn't A Walk to Remember, and she wasn't Mandy Moore. Lydia would rather not be anyones pity case. Moreover, she'd rather not tell anyone about her condition in hopes of retaining the only bit of normalcy she had left. That night of drunken stupor left her feeling, well, stupid. But she hoped that everyone there was too drunk to really grasp what she confessed. Understandibly, she saw her relationship to Darryl as deterimental to him, his emotions, and her heart. There was no way they could have any sort of future together, because she had no future. Her mother keeps telling her to live for the day, and she tries. But as previously stated, her optimism is waning. Just thinking about seizing the day made her want to cry. Seize the day for what? While choking back tears, her phone rang. The ringtone, a simple beep, let her know that it was just a text message. Once again it was Darryl:

You can keep avoiding me, but i aint goin no where. Just gimme a yes or a
no. If it's no, i'll leave u alone. But if its yes, i'll be there at 7 tonight.

Lydia didn't really know what to say. Should she attempt to live a normal life, to no longer hide in the confines of her disease and make her last days worth living. Or should she just count the days until she dies. Lydia stared at her phone for a minute or two. A faint smile registered on her face and she mustered up enough self worth to type an answer. "Ok sure. C U @ 7." She decided that, at least for tonight, she was going to live like she used to. Like a teenager. She was going to do her hair, put on a nice outfit and live. Live like she wanted to, live like she should be, live like she had a chance at living. That night, Lydia pressed her spanish wave into a straight wrap, wore one of her favorite outfits, put on eye make-up, lip gloss and smiled. He dress came just above her knees and was black with big bright paint strokes. Her teal cardigan was quarter-lengthed sleeved and her wedge heels were black patent-leather. To say she looked gorgeous was an understatement. That boy better not take her out for burgers, this was a "lets go somewhere vibrant" outfit and she was settling for no less. 7 o'clock came around and Lydia was putting the final touches on her make-up. When the doorbell rang, she was actually nervous. Not because it was her first date and not because it was with the Darryl, but because she didn't know how to act now that he knew that she was...incredibly flawed. Cynthia opened the door with a huge smile. Her baby was leaving the house and taking her advice. There was no point in her sulking in the house for the rest of her limited days. All day, she had been pondering whether or not to encourage her daughter to undergo the experimental treatment. With both of them on the fence, the house had been a bit dreary for the past couple of days. Just by opening the door for this handsome young man, Cynthia felt some of the tension mixing with the fresh air and floating away on the evening breeze.

"Come in, come in. Lyd, your dates here." Cynthia was grinning ear to ear. Almost making Darryl feel a bit uncomfortable. He felt her mother's eyes giving him the once-over while she closed the door behind him. He just hoped he met her expectations.
"Hello Ms....Ms...I'm sorry, I don't believe I know Lydia's last name."
"Oh that's fine honey, it's Ms. Perez. Nice to meet you, Daryl is it?"
"It is. I now understand where Lydia get's her sense of spanish beauty from."
Cynthia took the line like a man dying in the desert, straight thirsty. She blushed and placed her hand on her chest a bit. "Well thank you. Aren't you just a charmer. Hang on a sec while I go get her." She jogged up the steps only to be flored by what she saw. She hadn't seen her daughter all dolled up in months. She was happy that Lydia had taken a hammer to that glass ceiling, she just hoped there was no glass in her eyes. Not to mention she was going out with what seemed to be such a seemingly charming young man. And hopefully, for his sake, it wasn't just a ploy to get into her daughters pants. "Oh baby, you look gorgeous! I love to see you like this, all..."
"Okay ma," Lydia interrupted in the hopes of stopping her mother from tearing up and crying, thanks. I think I'm gonna go on my date now." They shared a connecting smile and Lydia headed down the stairs. What her date saw left him dumbfounded, she seemed to have that effect on the young sutor.
"My lord girl. You make beautiful jealous." Now while her mother was swooning, Lydia was unfazed. She saw D-Money use that line on too many females before. He noted her expression and switched to a more honest type of swag. "You look really really pretty Lydia, honest." This made her smile.
"Thanks D. And from now on, honesty is the best policy." She whispered in his ear, "So you can tuck your game book away or you can leave me home." Lydia smiled and looked at her mother who was a bit puzzled to say the least. "Ok ma, we're out. I'll let you know when I'm headed home."
"Oh girl, take your time." Cynthia said while escorting the teens to the door."And Daryl, if u hurt her, I will most definately kill u and make it sure no one finds the body." He didn't know what was more disturbing, what she just said or the fact that she was smiling while she said it.
"I promise I won't. Take care."
"Mmhmm, you too. For your sake." Cynthia shut the door as the two decended on the steps. She didn't want her daughter loosing cool points because her mother was on the verge of tears. She felt like it was Lydia's first date all over again. But on the contrary, all the kept thinking about what if it was her last.

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