Wednesday, September 29, 2010 simple as that for ur simple ass

Orange in blue ink.
I mean, she said songs in A minor, but I know no keys, so I'm more about my colors. They're my business. Orange in blue ink. Pink in brown paper bags. Green in blue jean pockets, or mulitcolored wallets. But never the less, colors.

I've decided that I am going to be all that I can be. I have so much creative potential, I was about to combust. So I've decided to do much more than I have been. A mere five dollar investment in a sketch book has my mind wide open. I am in love with a mechanical pencil that has a good eraser. I draw until i feel the urge to write. Then I write until I'm out of words, so I draw. Its that simple.

I have a t-shirt and sweatshirt line coming out. I never wanted to be a designer, I can't design for the masses because I am not a functioning member of society. I only like what I like. But I can't wait to put my words on sweatshirts. It's all about clever sayings, I'm calling my half of it all Idio Box. I'm scared that if I don't get it copywritten, someone will steal it. Then again, I'm no genius.

Hmm... whatelse can I say?
Oh, she is she no more. I mean, I must admit I wasn't over it for a while, but now that I am, I have no interest in going back. She was a headache and a half with a heart for drama. I can't fathem people like that. She wants me when she's alone, but she's not alone so I don't want her. But I do want someone else, someone new. Boy or girl I'm down for whatever. As long as they don't start talking relationships until I'm honestly ready to give someone my undivided attention and time.

That is all.
Until next time...

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