Saturday, May 2, 2009

...18 Years Young (part I)

In a drunken stupor, she lifts her corona bottle to the paint-sponged ceiling that tied all the apartments together. Wobbling as she shifted weight from one leg to another, she stumbles a bit, but catches herself just in time to stop her beer from spilling. For a moment she watches; the sea of familiar and unfamiliar faces blurred like spinning colors. No face looks different from another. Dizzy with alcohol, she tries to focus. She has something important to say. "Kinnn ah haf your attemtin pleaz?" The party go'ers don't seem to recognize her drunken phrase, so she tries once more. "Eskuze me! Kin ah pleaz haf your attemtion pleeeaazzz?" This time a few look in her direction, trying also to focus their gaze on the dizzy woman in the black dress swaying in the middle of the room. A man on the couch decides to be a good samaritan, to pause his conversation for the under-dressed overly sexed woman who he planned on escorting to his bedroom that night, and help the 'little lady' get her point across. It helped a bit that it was his house.
"Aye yo! Listen up, yall see ol' girl tryna say something right? So shut the fuck up and listen." He nudges her, only to have to catch her a bit, being as he knocked her off balance.
"Well thaank yoo verwee much DMoney, okey dokey so ass many of you know, my names is Lidia." She takes a sip of her beer. "I go to high school wif mos ov yoo an we graduate tomorrow morning, YAY 07!" The party goers roar in applause at the idea of them being rid of their high school whoas in the day to come. When the hoots and hollers go silent she looks to the ceiling again, and takes another sip. "Well amny way, I just wann-id to say it wuz a blessin' to school with you fine lady and gent-men." She takes another sip, someone from the back yells something along the lines of "hurry up bitch", so she holds up one finger to notion that she has one more bit of information to relay. "Unforchunately, I will not see you guys at the reunions a-cause, frum the date ov my diagsnosis, I will be dead on Novembers 6th, 2007, six months from now." She downs the rest of her beer to a silenced room. She collapeses on the floor in laughter, waving her arms and legs like she was making a snow angel in the alcohol-stained carpet. She stops laughing long enough to choke out a few words..."Enjoy the partys peoples."

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