Thursday, May 7, 2009

...18 Years Young (part II)

"I don't think you shoulda drank as much as you did shawty. You gotta know when to slow down." Darrells words fell on deaf ears; Lydia's alcohol ridden mind had the world twirling beneath the car so fast, she didn't know which way was up. "You hear me? Hello?" She rolled her head over and nodded. Gazing into his gentle face had Lydia feeling quite emotional, well that and the 3 beers and 2 cups of "punch." "You aint catchin' a word I'm sayin'. I bet tomorrow, you won't even remember this conversation." Once again, she nods. This time with her eyes closed. Darrell laughs. "Girl you are twisted. But it's cool though, I'm not gonna take advantage of you. I'm just not that kind of guy, you know? I don't know where this 'sex god' rep came from, but that aint me. I got alot of layers man, I mean I'm smart, nice, shit I'm taking you home and I barley know you." This time Lydia laughs, then burps, then laughs again. "What you laughin' at now girl?" She stares out the windshield with a goofy smile on her face.
"We been in da same class sin-se fif grade D-Money. But you don' know me. I'f had ah-lease two clazzez wif you sin-se we been in hi-skoo. But you don' know me?" She lifts her drunken body up with her limp arms, she had a point to make. "An' you know why you gots a rep-poo-tashim? Hmm? Because *burp* a-cause you fucked bout haf the girlz in ow grade...No! make that haf the girlz in da-skoo. You haf layers? Pleeeeaaassssseeee. You do jus enuf ta get by. Do you's use yo brain? 'Cause since before I kin rememba, you had tha unda-classmen doin it for you. So saf me the bull." Lydia collapses back into her seat, leaving Darrell dumb-founded. Then he lets out a laugh.
"You are somethin' else, you know that? No girl ever tells me the real, ever. The do what they can to stay in my good graces, but you, you keep it real. I like that." She rolls her eyes and turns her head once more in his direction.
"Ugh, save your praises for someone who gives a fuh-fuh-uh..pull the car over." Darrell comes to a screaching halt on the residential road between two houses. He knew what was comming and couldn't bare having to clean vomit out of his car twice in one week. Lydia bursts from the car as if it were on flames and crouches to the back tire of the car, hurling her breakfast, lunch and dinner out of the pits of her stomach into the gutter.
"Damn girl, see I told you." Darrell stands, hovering over her resting on the hatchback of his truck. Lydia lifts her head between vommiting to speak.
"Enjoying the view?" He backs up as if he were defenseless.
"Hey, chill girl. I was just making sure you was alright." She vomits and wipes her mouth on her sleeve.
"Oh spare me ok D-Money. You don' give a fuck bout me. I'm jus anotha one ov your laughs." He walks closer, being genuinely hurt by her words.
"That's what you think about me?" She doesn't bother to lift her head this time. Sobering with every spell of vomit.
"No, that's what I know. Only person you care about is you, an yo rep. Do you care about me? Does it matter that I'm alive to you? Granted that I only have about six more months, but if I didn't, would we hang-out?" She looks up, "Shit, would you date me D-Money? I've seen you watching me. I'm 5''5, honey complection, hair past my shoulders with hazel eyes and a nice shape. You've looked in my direction. So what's the problem?" Once again, he's dumb-founded. Studdering, all he can seem to muster for the few seconds he's on the hot seat was something along the lines of "buhh...buuhh.." Lydia rather not hear it. "Fuck it. Take me home please. I just want to go home." She wipes a tear, preparing to fall down her cheek and helps her self onto her feet. She climbs into the car and buckles her seatbelt, all-the-while leaving Darrell still leaning on his car to contemplate his words. After a minute or so of thinking, he climbs back in the car, surrounded by uncomfortable silence. Once they reach her house, Darrell grabs her had as she prepares to unbuckle her seatbelt.
"So, Ms. Lydia, would you like to go out with me?"

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