Wednesday, December 16, 2009

...who run it?

iiM back on my blog game...

Such is life...and it goes on.... so why dwell?
You say, it's gonna be different. But who am i to believe u? Honestly, mama taught me to move forward. But it's so damn hard tryna accept progress when people are placed on this earth simply to halt it.
I am a self proclaimed bitch. At least, i can be. It is not my porogrative to make u comfrotable in your own skin, no is it my duty to be sweet to you and hold ur hand. It's a hard world out here, trust me i know. I've lived in it for going on twenty years sweety and trust, the majority of people i've interacted with have made me who i am today. Hard, rigid, cold, a self procalimed bitch. I could care less about your feelings. I'm gonna be me reguardless.
I am blessed with tact. I do not go out of my way to single you out and make u feel worse about urself. And i am a big propent in exchanging pleasantries. But beyond that, assuming much more makes an ass out of u and me.
I am a sweetheart i swear, but that's beneath my shell. If u can make it past the cynacism and sarcasm...if u can survive all of my mental blows directed at your emotional woes, than u can meet me. Hi, I'm Taryn. And they don't call me obnoxious for nothing.
I am tired of feeling like i have to explain myself or water down who i really am. I get it, it aint self expression if people don't question it. But i don't have to answer. Instead, i'd much rather ignore u. Majority of my day is spent ignoring people and they're ignorant comments. "She mean yo"...."She mad rude son"...."You got a smart as mouth, you know that?"..... Why the fuck would u recognize something about me that i never knew about myself. Anything u notice in me, i've developed, i've harnessed and i've honed. I've made me who i am with a little help from outside influences. So SHUT THE FUCK UP, STOP WHINING AND TAKE THESE WORDS....cuz being a bitch about it will only make me dig harder.

You say bully, i say human being, many say Bitch, i say okay. But this bitch got layers so i'd watch wat u say.... you might hurt my feelings.

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